Managed Services & Solutions

  • We help the customer define and implement an integrated solution in the management, administration and operations (OA&M) to sustain their enterprise network services and infrastructure.
  • We not only provide the people, materials, and equipment to do the job, we also add value to our customer by providing our proven experience and best practices in the lifecycle management and operations of customer's services. We provide support that is aligned with the agency goals for reliability, performance, and security of its enterprise network.
  • We offer advisory support so that agency can make informed decision whether it i™s cost effective to keep legacy systems in its premise-based network environment or build up and create new applications on a newer technology and next-gen platform.
  • Our professional IT consultants have deep familiarity and extensive background knowledge on major government acquisition programs and portfolio of telecommunications and network solutions such as Networx. We are your industry partner in resolving issues and complexity common in most telco OSS, ordering, and billing processes.
  • We can help you understsand what does it take to meet and support your enterprise network needs. We help define technical specs of services that meets agency requirements for capacity, reliability, security, performance and sustainment support. Our involvement in managing your services and developing network solutions to fit your needs encompasses full lifecycle support from market research, planning, design and implementation to the operational sustainment of the telecom services and network solutions critical to your mission.